Friday, January 10, 2014

Folded booklet

I started Sunday off by reading this tutorial from the ScorPal site:

I decided to whip one up...nice and easy!


With three sheets of double-sided 12x12 heavy scrapbook paper, I scored, cut and folded my way into a cute booklet, with lots of flaps and a couple of pockets.
Using scrapbook paper meant I didn’t have to glue more papers onto the cardboard, as per their instructions.
I sewed the three folded pages together with a Coptic stitch.

Now it is ready for photos, and any additional embellishments.

So tell me, is this something you would give to someone in lieu of a birthday card? A small gift perhaps?

Please click on image for an enlarged view

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Coleen said...

Very nice, Daphne and yes, I'd give it as a gift. Maybe with some tags to slip into the pockets since a lot of folks are not creative to think of things like that. I used to make a lot of mini-books. They are fun.
Happy 2014, Daphne. Hope it's full of good things for you.

Coleen in Ukraine