Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ledger Art Journal pages

Here are a couple of simple pages from my ledger art journal.
Did I ever mention that I work in quite a few types of books? I love to experiment with a variety of substrates, and book pages can vary so much....such fun!

This background was made when I was trying out my new Inka Gold colors.
I did some random stamping, then made a mask from a postcard of a lady, then used a sponge to paint around her shape. I have wanted to try this technique for ages, and will do some larger masks in the future. I was considering outlining her in black ink - what do you think?
The butterfly is chipboard, and the quote at the bottom is "Friendship is the only rose without thorns".

A flower blooms once.

I drew her face on sewing tissue, glued it to the page with gel medium, then drew some more, and colored her a bit. I left the face unpainted. The base page was pre-painted some time before (as usual!).

Please click on image for an enlarged view


Christi Conley said...


Coleen said...

Fun, looks like some stencil work and I really like the bird stamps, but you know me, I'm a pushover for birds. I think birds make anything better. Plus I'm a stamp collector so you got me on that one.
Face is fun too. I need to do more of those. When I do I like them, but I just don't get enough art time it seems. While travelings I'm just doing some atcs.

Daphne said...

Thanks Christi, thanks Coleen.
Are you a stamp collector? Wow, you must have some beauts! I got those from Hong Kong when I purchased my Kobo cover.