Saturday, August 11, 2012

LIVE Fabric Book

I jut finished making pages for a fabric book, which I will soon be binding.
Some of the background fabrics are dropcloths for my painting....mostly canvas.
I further embellished the fabric sheets, with painting, stitching, and addional fabrics, dryer sheets, art- used baby wipes, laces, molding pastes and more. Layers and layers.
Some pages were felted, then free-motion stitched.

 A bracelet along the right side of this front page. The star was edged with glitter glue paint.
Chiffons and cottons are layered and stitched.

The centre is molding paste on a piece of upholstery fabric, painted with lumieres.

 More cotton and chiffons.

 The centre is a rubber stamp on fabric, then layered with more cottons shapes.

Here are a few pieces of baby wipes, used for wiping up paint, and cleaning brushes.
Also a piece of a glittery gold and black doily.

Please click on image for an enlarged view


bohemiannie! art said...

I LOVE your book pages. I began a new fabric book last week and yours just inspires me even more than I already am!

Coleen said...

Daphne, These are all lovely and so different. I really like the colors of the first ones. I too use wipes in my art, especially when they are all colored from paint wipe-ups. So fun. Nice work.

Coleen in Ukraine