Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fabric Book

These are a few of the pages from my newest fabric book. I have been working on this book for months, just enjoying the journey!
I put the pages together with an old ruler, the spine is leather.
The pages feature transfers, and ephemera that I have made just experimenting with various techniques.

These two medallions are made with air-dry Model Magic.

 This is a tissue flower, and a photo slide from days gone by!

Lady transferred on to fabric from an old advert.

Please click on image for an enlarged view


Lynn said...

Your book is beautiful! I can't imagine how long its taken.

Lillian Mederak said...

Daphne your book is incredable
In my new group we are doing a fabric i was thrilled to see to look at more

Anonymous said...

Your fabric book is beautiful!

Ruby's Girl said...

Oh Daphne this is a wonderful book. I have enjoyed looking at all of its pages and it certainly is a work of love for you isn't it? Just perfect .
Judy in Penticton

Coleen said...

Very nice Daphne. You have inspired me to at least think about getting a fabric book back out I started last year. So easily I get distracted and off onto other things, but it's all a journey. I have an altered book like this...working on for a couple years now.

Coleen in Ukraine