Friday, July 8, 2011

The World as we like it

I made a couple of spreads recently, this first one utilizing only pieces that were available on my worktable...just random papers etc.

This next spread has many layers of paint, stencils, wax crayons, a few images, and a whole lot of playing.

Please click on image for an enlarged view


Anonymous said...

I love both of these. The worlds fair is really cool. You did a great job of putting those images together!

Darrelyn said...

It's too difficult to pick just one spread to comment on, Daphne! I love them all. Your use of color, the layering of designs, pictures, words and texture give them all such a rich, luxurious look. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Coleen said...

Nice spreads here Daphne. Thanks for sharing with the Yahoo group. I like the grapes especially and the pastely colors. I"m following you here now. Come visit my blog and you might want to follow there too. I'm also an art journaler.

Coleen in Ukraine