Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cafe du Fleur

This is a spread done using a technique called Napkin painting. I used Perfect Paper Adhesive, and I first saw them demoed at the Creative Festival in Toronto, by Susan Pickering Rothamel of USArtquest. Her samples were just awesome, very artistic.
My rendition is below. I began with a paper towel that I used to wipe my paint brushes on; when it was completely covered with a multitude of paint colours, I glued it to my book. Then I continued with the fun part - glueing on bits and pieces of napkins. I used four different napkins for this piece.
I completed the spread by using rub-ons - 'Cafe du Fleur' onto an organza ribbon, and glueing that to trail the centre of the spread.


Terry Pitzel said...

I love this page.

Susan said...

Very very lovely! What a nice blog you have, and many thanks for the comments of appreciation. I love this technique and I'm glad you do too.
Susan Pickering Rothamel

Zora said...

I love this page! Susan P-R would be impressed I think! Thanks for sharing. I also really like the cigar box.

Phyllis said...

This is breathtaking. I'm off now to research napkin painting because I'm both confused and captivated. What fun. THANKS!

Faith Lynn said...

Love, love, love! the Cafe du Fleur pages. Kind of took my breathe away!