Saturday, May 9, 2009


These are a few puzzle pieces, and a full wooden puzzle I had altered some time ago.
I thought you might enjoy seeing what you can do with little puzzle pieces just waiting to be altered.

Schooldays - Aged paper background, stickers, crayon, slide.

Asian Lady - A fabric background with lace and ribbon.

50's Housewife - this one has a fabric background as well.

Wooden puzzle, altered separately then put back together.

I hope you try this sometime. Lots of fun!


Caroline said...


Those look great!

I've been collecting jigsaws to alter - though so far I've just used some as stencils... this will, no doubt, prompt me to start using the pieces in other ways too. Thanks for blogging them.

kasmello said...

Love your jigsaw work!! Great idea.

bohemiannie! art said...

How very cool these are! And beautiful! I saw your comment on our yahoo altered books email and had to take a look!