Friday, December 19, 2008


A handmade Journal I purchased but did not really like the covers. So I altered them!
A large foam stamp imprinted into Flexible joint compound, sea glass with melted Opals, Mica powders, Mica circle, paints, inks, dyed cheesecloth, bead trim. I pressed a rubber stamp into the molten Opals.
The bottom photo is the back. This I covered with hemp fibre paper, painted it with gel medium, and brushed mica powders onto it, as well as metallic colored paints.


Genie said...

Happy Christmas
love what you have done to book

Linda East said...

Wow Daphne...These are so beautiful the colors are spectacular ...thanks for sharing, hope you have a wonderful WARM Holiday...LE

Zora said...

This journal is wickedly cool! I love the way it looks. Bravo! Thanks for sharing.

Laura Kay said...

You truly personalized your journal! What a great mixed media project.