Friday, August 15, 2008



Iowa Sunshine said...

I love the altered tin! I just bought 6 little tea tins at a yard sale for a dime and just was wondering what to do with them! Maybe i'll try altering one. I'm new to are but sure raring to try something! I love all the crafty things you've done! Your an inspiration. =) HUGS

basia said...

lovely work. How did you prepare your tins?

Daphne said...

Thanks for your great comments.

Preparing the depends on how I decide to cover them...If I use fabric, then I just glue it dirrectly to the tin. If I paint with acrylic, then I need to sand it a bit first. Or I use gesso right on the tin. Then continue on painting and glueing stuff down. I have also used alcohol inks on the inside of the tins. Give it a try !