Saturday, October 31, 2009


I experiment with coil-bound books to use them as journals. This one did not work out well; the pages seemed firm enough, but they did not take water media very well. It’s usually a trial and error kind of thing. This one will be tipped into another journal.
These pages started off with washes of Golden acrylics, followed by some rubber-stamping, then collaging of text papers and images, then more paints, including a favourite of mine – Portfolio Oil Pastels. Just building up textures.


Socrates said...

Acrylic washes, she says, offhandedly. What I'd give to do backgrounds like that!!! Those two pages are absolutely gorgeous. Yummy. Sox

Anonymous said...

I really like the textures you've built! Nice.

Tammy said...

Ah, swinging way up high!. Beautiful page!

Keith and Margaret said...

Beautiful. I am new to altered books, etc. Your spreads are very beautiful and appeal to me. I like the colors and uplifting messages. I am not creative/artistic but I enjoy good art and am a bit jealous of your talent!