Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chipboard Book Pages

Here are a couple of pages from a chipboard book that I am altering/decorating.

The process is simple but each step takes some time for the drying process. (I leave mine to air-dry)

Start by adding gesso to the entire page, making textures at the same time. After this is dry, use modelling paste to create more texture – then gently push small embellishments in a pleasing manner into the paste. I have also used plaster gauze beside the Katy Keene image.

After this step has dried, spray or paint with your choice of colors – let dry after each color application, or they will mix, sometimes making a brown mess. (unless this is the effect you’re going for!)

After dry, use some rub and buff or your favorite wax paste to color the tops of the texture. I have used Viva Decor’s Inka Gold. I love this paint.

I have five pages for this book – three to go!

My sisters have suggested that I put them up on the wall, as a set of five – What do you think?


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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Being Green

It’s not easy being GREEN.
The frog said that.
The frog also claims that a kiss from a princess will enable him to revert to his princely status.
This is the March Challenge on the Altered Books group on yahoo.
The color GREEN, tags, folds, windows/doors.
The three frogs, glued onto a folded page (three pleats)

The closed window, partially hidden

The frog's declaration

Open window with princess

The whole picture

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