Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crumpled kraft and coffee filter pocket

Here are a couple of pages I worked on recently. I started by crumpling kraft paper on the two pages and dousing them with school glue. I then cut a coffee filter into a rectange pocket for the pink tag.
Stamping with text, lady images, and postage stamps followed, along with more paints and Artbars.
Below is a closeup of the left page (my flash made it orange, sigh)
InkaGold highlights the crumpled paper.

 The right page:

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ledger Art Journal pages

Here are a couple of simple pages from my ledger art journal.
Did I ever mention that I work in quite a few types of books? I love to experiment with a variety of substrates, and book pages can vary so much....such fun!

This background was made when I was trying out my new Inka Gold colors.
I did some random stamping, then made a mask from a postcard of a lady, then used a sponge to paint around her shape. I have wanted to try this technique for ages, and will do some larger masks in the future. I was considering outlining her in black ink - what do you think?
The butterfly is chipboard, and the quote at the bottom is "Friendship is the only rose without thorns".

A flower blooms once.

I drew her face on sewing tissue, glued it to the page with gel medium, then drew some more, and colored her a bit. I left the face unpainted. The base page was pre-painted some time before (as usual!).

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Agenda binder cover

I have a daily agenda, just a binder with a plastic cover, the usual things, that was calling for me to alter it.
I sloshed paint over it, then some caulking...made impressions into it. Sprayed it with paints, glued some pieces to it, added Distress crackle paints, bead gel, more paints and my newest favorites, Inka Gold pastes/paints. Love that huge paper clip from the dollar store!
Encourages me to work, right?

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