Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More Katy Keene book pages

I am thoroughly enjoying playing with molding pastes and other caulking products to produce texture on these pages.
Here is page 3 of my Katy Keene book, the Gold page.
You can find the first two pages here:

I started with sewing tissue crumpled up and glued down. The process is the same as with the first two pages. After glueing down the image, I use Diamond Glaze or Clear Tar Gel by Golden to prevent the image from color spray damage. (I use a variety of colors of spray, mostly muted shades.)

I am currently picking out embellies for my next page!

Please click on image for an enlarged view


Coleen said...

Ewww, that's pretty. Nice coloring. I have several blank board books I should get to working on.
Coleen, back in Ukraine

Corinne said...

I love these pages, Daphne! Katy Keene was one of my favorites as a young girl- I loved the comic bo0oks! I have sets of Katy Keene paper dolls in my paper doll collection too! (I don't throw those away!lol) Nice work- love the colors and layering you do.

Daphne said...

Thanks loads, Coleen. I look forward to seeing your pages. hugs,and happy mothers day to you.

Daphne said...

Corinne my dear, thanks so much for your oh so lovely words. Katy Keene was my favourite growing up, and I did have lots of paper dolls. I have some comics now with the paper dolls intact, and also some Millie the Model comics. What fun we had! hugs, and happy mothers day to you.